Cat Food to Support Renal Issues in Cats

Diet forms an essential part of your cat’s well-being. Especially if your pet is suffering from renal disorders, this is something that you should consider of utmost importance. Once your cat is detected with renal issues, you have to monitor its protein intake, water consumption, urination pattern, and many other factors. Further, apart from administering medicines under the guidance of an expert vet, you also have to ensure that you develop a diet for your cat which would help its kidneys to improve. While, on the one hand, you would get a variety of renal cat food available all over Dubai, you can also imply DIY diets for your cat and ensure its well-being.

Curtail Protein Consumption

If your cat has renal disorders, monitoring and reducing its protein intake is one of the most important things. Though proteins might not directly cause ruining your cat’s kidneys, they should be avoided once the former is detected. This restriction is because the kidneys of your cat become functional during disposing of waste materials from it. Since the waste materials out of proteins are significant, a dysfunctional kidney might lead to the accumulation of wastes in your cat’s body, worsening its health.

Reduce Sodium Intake

It is always better to provide a low sodium diet to your cat. You should especially avoid providing your cat with any food that has high or moderate salt. This restriction is required since a high salt intake might increase the blood pressure of your cat. Such a diet and high blood pressure might therefore cause further damage to the kidneys. Thus, you should limit your cat’s sodium consumption to a maximum of 1 mg per calorie to prevent future complications.

Increase Omega-3 Intake

Studies reveal that omega 3 fatty acids can help the renal condition of your cat. Thus, you should mandatorily include fish oil in your cat’s diet. Adding fish oil might be beneficial because fish oils are a rich source of Omega 3 fatty acids. However, it is always better you contact your vet and get it prescribed before including this in your cat’s diet. You would get fish oil in most stores in Dubai and searching for it is not much of a hassle.

Include Vitamins

vitamins and minerals should comprise an essential part of your cat’s diet. Fruits and vitamin supplements help you ensure that your cat’s healthy and provides nourishment. Renal issues might bring about associated health complications in your cat. Vitamins and Minerals help in maintaining the overall balance in your cat’s health. You can either provide your cat with natural sources of vitamins or even supplements. However, don’t forget to consult your vet to know the number of vitamins that suit your pet’s diet.


Though renal issues in cats are pretty severe, its impact can be reduced through adequate care if detected at an initial stage. Thus, you must take your cat for regular checkups so that any issue can get diagnosed as soon as it occurs. Once renal problems are diagnosed, you should ensure that your pet is under proper medical cover and follow a healthy diet to prevent the condition of the kidneys from becoming worse. Visit to know more.

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