Tips to Boost Self-Esteem in Children

Best CBSE Schools in Sharjah

If a child struggles with low self-esteem, it can have long term negative effects in his/her life. Active steps can be taken to build a positive self-image at an early age. It is important that kids feel loved and accepted. Make sure to enroll your child to one of the best CBSE schools in Sharjah as schools play an important role in developing self-esteem among children. Here are a few tips to help boost self-esteem among children:

Praise Their Efforts

It is important to acknowledge and appreciate children when they put in effort or achieve some goals. Teachers and parents should appreciate the progress made by the kids. Praises and appreciation shouldn’t be limited to instances when children score good grades. Hard work and efforts in general can be genuinely appreciated even if the results aren’t as impressive as expected. That doesn’t mean every little action needs to be praised or deserves a compliment.

Encourage Them to Pursue Their Passions

Every kid has a hidden talent or unidentified strength. Parents at home and teachers at school should support kids in pursuing their hobbies and interests. It gives them a chance to express themselves. Restricting kids from chasing their dreams can negatively impact their growth. If you wish to instill confidence in kids, they must be given the freedom to fully explore and express.

Allow Them to Make Healthy Choices

Being overprotective about children can do more harm than good. Allow children some freedom to make choices for themselves. If you always restrict and interfere with every little thing, children will grow up to be incapable and less confident. They will never have the confidence to make decisions for themselves. Self-doubt can lead to low self-esteem.

Avoid Harsh Criticism

Constructive criticism is always good. But never criticize so much that children lose their confidence. You can point out mistakes and correct them. But be mindful of how you communicate with children. Don’t hurt them by passing harsh comments. Children will start focusing on their weaknesses and flaws instead of strengths which will harm their self-esteem.

Spend Quality Time with Children

Set aside some time to interact with children. Be a good listener. Parents and teachers should let children express their thoughts and feelings fearlessly. Listening to their problems, suggesting solutions and giving them constructive feedback will significantly improve their self-esteem. Lack of emotional support can later lead to low self-esteem.

Safe and Positive Environment

This is one of the most important steps in boosting self-esteem. Your child will spend a considerable amount of time in the school which means it is necessary to enroll in an institution that refrains from imposing severe punishments and other such unhealthy practices.


What children learn at a young age stays with them forever. That’s precisely why it is important to lay a strong foundation and help children have belief in one’s own worth and capabilities. The role of a good educational institution in helping kids develop confidence cannot be underestimated. Call us today to gain an understanding of our curriculum and learning environment.

Best CBSE Schools in Sharjah
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