Digital Marketing Solutions & Trends in the UAE

Often referred to as the Oasis in the Middle East, Dubai sometimes called the “New York of the Middle East” as well, because it has gained massive significance from different renowned institutions in this part, where it is said to have capitalism on steroids, where strict Islamic fundamentalism is married to Western cultural values. With such an intense shift, it’s safe to say that analytical marketing is a measurable, strategy, so embrace the new form that’s automated and futuristic against competition with these digital marketing trends that will shape the way your business will navigate into marketing. The digital marketing has a definite place, as the industry has been evolving in the United Arab Emirates, although there are markets that still depend on direct mail and newspapers.

Artificial Intelligence in a nutshell

Expectantly, from ordering garments to making an order for supplies, people are relying on some AI features, as they spend a stunning 85% of their time chatting on apps like WhatsApp or Kik and in the light of these facts, the digital marketing in UAE has excellent potential for Augmented Intelligence. When the skills of human are combined with an AI system the realms of Digital Marketing create a promising trend for customer care ventures driving marketing automation and showing excellent hops for internet users, which are spending more and more time on apps leading towards these chats that combine the organic and inorganic elements. Other forms have a promising future as well.

A Greek philosopher once remarked that the only thing that is constant is change, and it still holds when we speak about technological advancements and the world of marketing where business owners and marketing directors’ grapple with the digital marketing landscape, so there is little time for innovation and changes in customers’ buying cycles.

High literacy rate = a smartphone

Souq, offering everything, is leading the eCommerce space, but apart from these giant, some businesses allow customers to make transactions, although there is still room to grow. This makes the United Arabs Emirates top the countries with the highest penetration, as well as a very popular destination, receiving the most number of visitors, so digital marketing plays a huge role to attract tourists, which is why technology companies have started manufacturing digital devices, such as wearable ones, whilst others have digitalized the transport sector.

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